Over the years, some players have developed various kinds of strategies to beat the slots. Not just the slots but the games in general. Some of them work, some of them don’t. However, keep in mind that there is no way you can tell whether a lot is due to hot or not, but the tactics that you employ can increase your chances at the game. This will also depend on various other factors.

Mystery jackpots:

Slots randomly determine the number. The algorithm generates an unbiased number, but mystery jackpots are different from the others. There are guaranteed amounts that you can use to your benefits. There will be one or two variables that won’t tell you where to look for but you can assume a decent return. You can also find the RTP of the machine online but with the offline casinos, it will be difficult. You will have to search the gaming records that will be a hassle. However, once you get the data you can use the following formula to determine the results: Formula: t = m × (h + r) / (h + 2r). T= target point, m = Max jackpot, r = Rise meter and h = House advantage. Once you get the target point, you will be able to wager your money more confidently.


 Play for Big Progressive Slots Jackpots:

There is no need to play normal progressive slots when you can do it big. They can be a life-changer for you and on top of that, they can also offer +EV. If the starting jackpot is, for example, $20,000 and its RTP is 95% with the top prize of $40,000. 40,000-20,000=20,000 is the amount contributed by the players. This is the money that creates long-term benefits. The chances of winning are very low as compared to the normal jackpot. You will need a lot of spinning before you could hit a jackpot in Megah Moolah. However, it’s not that you won’t hit it, but it is far less often than normal.

Seek out Bonus Accumulator Slot Machines:

These are the slots that you can use to give you a boost in the game. They simply fill up as you keep playing and as you reach the top of the fill, you have a bonus. When the bonus meter fills up, you are granted a round. If you take advantage of these situations, it will certainly give you a boost in the game. Even though they are not a short-tern thing, they will be very helpful in the game and come in handy in the long term. There are a fewer number of these kinds of slots, but when you do, it would be unwise not to try them.

Gaining +EV From Bonuses and High RTP:

There are a lot of comps that casinos offer to its new player. These promotion sare meant to entice you but you can also work them to your favor. You will be able to gain bonuses and high RTP that in turn will be good for your +EV.


Slots are fun to play, and if you are ready to do some research, it will be beneficial to you. Scan the internet for better understanding. It is good to go with preparation than not to go at all.