This is a theory that has been floated before and you will hear it. There is no basis in this theory but for some reason, some people believe. There are many reasons why casinos never cheat. It may have been the case in the past but as of now, there is no space for that. From the accountability to profit, multiple reasons ensure that the players as well as houses are satisfied.


Casinos don’t need to cheat as they get a basic percentage in every game. There is a house edge involved no matter what game you play in. This leaves no space for cheating and whether you win or lose, they will get that edge in the game. However, the edge varies from game to game. Generally, there is an edge of 5-10 % in a game. They draw enough money from the games and other activities in the house that there is no point in cheating when they can earn money the legal ways.

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This is one of the factors that has led to accountability in the industry. Before the casinos could be licensed, there were a lot of casinos that were operating illegally. They could cheat as they had nothing to lose. Right now a casino must go through regulations and must be licensed to conduct their business. Whether it’s an online or offline casino, they have to go through rules and regulations to keep that license.

Third-Party Testing:

There is no bias in the games. The law requires the casinos to go through third-party testing to see if the results are fair and in case a bias Is there, they will have their licenses revoked. This ensures an unbiased gaming experience. They are provided certification which will be displayed at the bottom of their websites. Most of the gambling jurisdictions require the certification for the casinos to operate.

Third-Party Testing

Getting caught:

There is no way that a casino will cheat, but if we were to imagine that it does, it has nothing to gain. If it is caught cheating, the law in most of the places is so strict that it can lose its license and even if gets to keep its license in weaker jurisdictions, the word will cost the business. The players will start boycotting it once they get to know. So it will receive the deathblow in a few days. This is no good for any spoof casino which will be out of business in no time.

No return:

In business, you are depending on the player to come back again and again. If they lose in the casino and don’t find a decent rate of winning they will not come. This will affect heavily on the business as they will get the others to do the same.


Cheating in the past may have been a concern but as of now, there is no point in cheating. However, if you are signing up online, you have to make sure that the casino that you signing up is a legit one.