Angry Trolls and what’s coming to Corona SVG Level Builder 1.3


I made a slingshot game using Corona SVG Level Builder which features similar stuff as Castle Crusher and Angry Birds: characters expressions, progressive destructible objects, etc. For the shooting logic it uses Beebe’s Ghosts vs. Monsters sample code, but after that it has a complex custom camera and all the additional character and physics fancy features, plus lots of levels.

Initially this game was intended only to show Corona SVG Level Builder features, but I liked working on it so much, that it has grown up as a very playable and polished game (graphics may not look polished, but actually that’s the “troll/meme” style). It has been submitted to the AppStore already. You can follow about it in the official site and check it in action:

And where does all that stuff relate with Corona SVG Level Builder? First all levels are made in Inkscape and taken care by Corona SVG Level Builder. Take a look at how one of the levels look like in Inkscape:

Angry Trolls level in Inkscape

Upcoming Corona SVG Level Builder features

Next it simply contains everything that is coming to the next update:

  • Spritesheets support (TexturePacker and SpriteGrabber), with multiple spritesheets per level, persistent spritesheets, external spritesheets.
  • Dynamic scaling: draw your level only once and it will work for all resolutions, loading related graphics for the resolution.
  • Multiple layers support.
  • Composite backgrounds (images, vectors, colors).
  • Vector display objects as you draw in Inkscape (the actual support consists only in showing the physics objects assigned with images).
  • Persistent and external game materials: define all your objects in an external table and you can use them accross your SVG elements by assigning the material name to them. This makes life extremely easy, since you have to define objects properties only once. You may be wondering: isn’t there material support already? Yes, there is. But in the actual support you have to define your materials in your SVG level, for every level. This time you define them in an external lua file.
  • Mark objects as non physical.
  • Custom attributes for bodies and materials.

And an extensive list of fixes and small adjustments.

When is the update coming out?

I’m now working on the documentation, a game example and video tutorial and then it will be released!

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  1. Alfred outstanding work waiting the release !
    By the way i m SleepWalker and thats my new e-mail, see you soon.

  2. Angry Troll’s is really bad to promote Corona and Level Builder. To download this, they beter pay you $0.99!


    • Alfred R. Baudisch

       /  March 16, 2012

      Hi Marc,

      Actually Angry Trolls may look bad (low polished graphics), but it is actually very polished on terms of development and features. It great showcases the features of SVG Level Builder. With that you can then put any graphics.


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