Corona SVG Level Builder 1.5: iPad 3 support, multiple SVGs, downloadable content, new examples and more!


The next major Corona SVG Level Builder update is here! Corona SVG Level Builder 1.5 has dozens of small fixes, new examples and major features:

  • iPad 3 support.
  • Multiple SVGs loaded in the same scene.
  • SVGs and Spritesheets in the System folders (Temporary, Cache, Documents) – for downloadable content.
  • Object cloning.
  • SVGs as definition tables – bodies are only parsed, not shown, so you can create them on demand (infinite scrolling games, non games apps, etc).

All the new features are documented and expressed with the new examples.

Update Available in the Members Area

If you are a customer, you can download the updated version in the Members Area. If you haven’t received an e-mail about the Members Area or forgot your access details, please contact me with the same e-mail as your purchase e-mail.



[+] Support for iPad 3 in the dynamic resolution settings.
[+] Support to Multiple SVGs loaded on the same scene (i.e. SVGs with different definitions of bodies. Useful in
games with upgradable items, shops, etc, where you can choose as an example a background and a character from different sets,
in this case the background and level would come from a SVG and the character from another SVG).
[+] exposeRawAttributes SVG:createBody parameter, to expose all the SVG attributes from a body.
[+] Support to XML spritesheets.
[+] Support to XML spritesheets in subfolders.
[+] Support to SVG and Spritesheets in the Caches and Temp System folders (i.e. downloadable content)
[+] New API for body cloning and external body creation; new config: parseOnly to only parse objects from Inkscape, without creating the bodies.


[+] notDraw is now recognized in materials.
[+] Path materials now accept notDrawn.
[-] Images not loaded from SpriteSheets won’t be scaled forcefully in case of a resolution independent project.
[+] Fixed a issue which was affecting the scaling of physics bodies on different resolutions.
[+] Adjusted the order of replacement in custom attributes: body attributes correctly replaces material ones; Images not loaded from SpriteSheets won’t be scaled forcefully in case of a resolution independent project.
[+] Spritesheets flagged as persistent are now really persistent.


[+] parseSvgFile(svgFile, config)
[+] createBody(bodyId, addToLayerGroup, exposeRawAttributes, svgFile)
[+] bodiesIdsFromLayer(layerId, svgFile)
[+] bodiesFromLayer(layerId, svgFile)
[+] cleanUpFile(svgFile, cleanPersistentData)


[+] Multiple SVGs and Multiple Spritesheets in the same level.
[+] Resolution Independence 2, with support for iPad 3.
[+] Spawn at Touch Location.
[+] Clone object.
[+] Waypoints (not fully implemented, just gives an overall idea).


[+] Added a timer to the leg of the scrolling example character.

Where to go next?

  • If you still haven’t purchased the Corona SVG Level Builder, you can purchase it right here. It comes with dozens of examples as well all future updates will be sent to you for free.
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  1. Kawika

     /  May 5, 2012

    Are you planning support for Storyboard?

    • Alfred R. Baudisch

       /  May 5, 2012

      Not yet, to be honest I still consider Director more reliable than Storyboard.


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