Free IDE for Corona SDK with autocompletion and parameter info


The amazing IntelliJ IDE has an even more amazing Lua plugin creating the perfect Corona SDK development environment:

  • Real time Lua parsing.
  • Syntax error notification.
  • VCS (Git, SVN, etc) and console in the editor.
  • Launch Corona Simulator from the code.
  • Corona autocompletion and parameter info (with the Corona API reference for IntelliJ initially created by sylvanaar2 and now updated by me).
  • And more!

And it’s free! (IntelliJ Community Edition). Here is a video tutorial showing step by step how to setup IntelliJ Community Edition to be a Corona SDK editor (but it works for IntelliJ Ultimate too). Watch in HD:

Download links:

Useful links:

Credits: this tutorial is an improved version of the one published by Thomas Gorence and another by John Lindquist.

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  1. Marc

     /  March 4, 2013

    First a big thanks for your work.
    I did what you did in the video, I can use the auto complete feature, but there is no parameter shown. Any idea?

  2. Eduardo

     /  April 9, 2013

    First of all, great job ! When I saw the auto-complete feature working, I couldn’t believe it !

    I did everything you did, step by step, but it still won’t work. Created a new project, targetted the corona api folder… Even though it shows the corona api in the external libraries tab, when I type, for example, local newSphere = display. , and then I press ctrl+space for the auto-complete, it won’t return any results. In the .lua files, it’s not being able to find the corona api.

    I’m using Windows 7 x64, I wonder if that’s the problem, since you’re using a MAC ?



    • Alfred R. Baudisch

       /  April 14, 2013

      Sorry guys, I have no idea of what could be. I had a bunch of issues with it in my Mac too, and I stopped using it. I’m back to Sublime Text 2 :)

  3. Doron

     /  April 14, 2013

    Same thing for me – no parameters info. When I first configured the SDK I got parameters info one time but couldn’t get it to work again even after cleaning everything and reconfiguring the SDK.
    Using IDEA 12.1 community edition and the latest Corona API reference from github.
    No error messages and no indication in IDEA logs.
    I’m using Windows 7.

  4. clicman

     /  August 16, 2013

    For last Idea. After all steps, in project pane, initiate context menu on jLua library and click on “Library properties”, and under jLua references add ref to corona plugin. That`s all.


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