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My new project: teaching game development in Portuguese


Today I launched a project I’ve been wanting to do forever: a website with game making video tutorials for the Brazilian audience. I intend to please complete novice and advanced users. The project name in Portuguese is “Cria Jogo” which means “Make Game”.

The first tutorials will be very basic, with an introduction to game making without programming using Stencyl. Then I’ll move on to more drag and drop tools like Construct and Game Maker.

When I finish the first Game Maker tutorials, I’ll introduce programming with GML in Game Maker.

Then tutorials will start to get “serious” on the programming side, with an introduction to Lua, Corona and Gideros.

The next steps will require introduction to a professional level language. In this case I’ll teach C#, because the next series will be all about Unity.

The first tutorial can be accessed here: How to Create a Game Without Programming – Part 1.